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How I can earn free Amazon gift card without verification?

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In this post we will tell you how you get amazon gift card completely for free. So don't miss out this amazing opportunity.

How To Get a Free Amazon Gift Card in India?

Getting something for free gives you the most joy. That's why we continue to provide you with fantastic freebies. Another freebie in the shape of Amazon gift card is available. In United States and many other countries, you can get a free Amazon gift card by completing simple activities. If you're looking for a free Amazon gift card, you've come to the right place. Then you've come to the right spot because we've compiled a list of the best apps and websites for earning gift cards. Add the gift card to your Amazon account for free shopping, mobile recharge, utility payments, and more once you've earned it.

Earn Amazon Gift Card Free in USA

If you are pondering whether or not you will obtain a free Amazon Gift card for real? Then let me tell you some numerous applications and websites that reward users for activity. Several strategies assist users in gaining incentives. The gift card you get can be used for recharge and bill payment, shopping, and more. You can also present the gift cards to a friend or someone from your family. The reward received by users can be redeemed in the form of Gift cards of choice. So let us start with the most fabulous websites to make free cash.

When you win a gift card for Amazon, they usually send you a code to your email. Copy the code and access the Amazon page where the gift vouchers are redeemed. Log in to Amazon with our username and password, paste the code in the box that appears, and give it to redeem. The five dollars or rupees will be retained in your Amazon balance and valid for ten years from the issue date.

5 Ways to Get Free Gift Card Code 2022

1. Play Games To Get Gift Card

play games to get amazon gift card

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If you like playing games

online, you will appreciate it even more: Some sites let you play in exchange for points, which you can exchange for PayPal cash or gift cards to places like Amazon.

Sites like AppNana, Swagbucks, and App down offer this point system. All you do is play games, reach defined levels, watch videos, or download software temporarily. Make sure that you read & agree to the terms and conditions. This is the most incredible way to acquire Amazon Gift Card for Free.


2. Take Surveys

Try taking surveys instead.

There are several places where you can survey the varied subject. Submit your survey to earn points that can be redeemed for Amazon or other store gift cards or used as PayPal cash.

There are downsides. Accumulating points can take some time, and gift cards are usually tiny, but surveys are easy to complete and typically take minutes. This is very handy if you are bored at home when quarantining yourself. You like to transform that boredom into making a little additional money.

Note: Using these research sites can cause spam to load into your email. Primarily propose that you create a different email address for that purpose, apart from your regular inbox.

3. Buy Foods

Suppose you want to get paid for buying groceries. With Ibotta, review :is it legit? you can buy various products at your local supermarket, take a photo of your receipt and email it through the app. Ibotta app will repay funds as an Amazon Gift Card or PayPal payment. These are the easiest ways to receive Amazon Gift Card for Free.

Receipt Hog works, providing in-app transactions and asking for receipts after purchase. You may earn virtual coins redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards, cash, and magazine subscriptions.

Receipt Hog also provides non-grocery bargains, but groceries are needed so regularly that it may be the quickest option to get your money back and acquire a gift card.

4. Share Recommendation

Start your blog, sign up for Amazon Associates, and win an Amazon Gift Card. Amazon Associates allows you to share affiliate links through posts. If someone purchases from your link, they can receive a tiny share of their sale as cash or an Amazon Gift Card Code.

This strategy demands serious effort. As a result, gift cards may not feel really “free,” but if you wish to blog (or have already done so), you can enroll in the program. If you have many readers or have a popular piece, you can make reasonable modifications. This is a convenient technique to receive Amazon Gift Card Free.

5. Trade-In

Have you heard about the Amazon Exchange Program Review? Just send old electronics and books for evaluation? Shipping of your items is free, and once they are evaluated, you will be paid their present value with an Amazon Gift Card.

If your items are rejected, Amazon will return them to you, and you can try to sell them elsewhere. This is a great way to get rid of what you intended to throw away anyway.


Amazon Gift Card Tricks, Amazon Gift Card Free Codes – Amazon Gift cards are plastic with a built-in microchip loaded with an amount of money that is normally not very high to make purchases or payments defined by the National Commission for the Protection and Defence of Users.

If you also want to get free Amazon gift cards online, then this information will show you all the platforms that you use personally and where you can have managed to accumulate hundreds of dollars or rupees for freehand without any risk.

Amazon.com gift vouchers and gift cards can be redeemed on the Amazon.com website to purchase products included in the program, from our online catalog, and sold by Amazon.com or any other seller that sells through the Amazon platform.

Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed at Amazon.de, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.fr, Amazon. it, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon. or at any of the affiliated stores from Amazon.com

When you win a gift card for Amazon, they usually send you a code to your email. Copy the code and enter the Amazon page where the gift vouchers are redeemed. Log in to Amazon with our username and password, paste the code in the box that appears, and give it to redeem. The five dollars or rupees will be stored in your Amazon balance and valid for ten years from the date of issue.

Valid Amazon Gift Card Codes List


  • Gift Card 08 LXXG-BK4RH-8LVB
  • Gift Card 07 4A8G-BLBRL-XHKV
  • Gift Card 06 BLLX-X8R4A-VBKG
  • Gift Card 05 VRXA-BKXBL-4GLH
  • Gift Card 04 LBVH-48RAX-GKBX
  • Gift Card 03 8GXX-HRVL4-BABL
  • Gift Card 02 R4GH-VLL8AB-XKBX
  • Gift Card 01 BHX4-L8KRLA-XBGV

All these cards are working Amazon Gift cards in July 2022; maybe it still works for you. Try your luck and redeem any of the gift card codes on the official redemption page of amazon.


If you don't know how to redeem the Amazon gift card code easily, then follow these steps.

How to Redeem Amazon Gift Card Code

  • Signup or Login into your amazon account.
  • Now, Go to, the Gift Card Redeem page.
  • Or directly visit this link
  • If you have a valid code, paste the code you have just copied in the box.
  • To check your gift card, Hit the “Apply to Balance” button.
  • Cheers! You've successfully claimed your free amazon gift card balance.

Best Websites to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

1. Swagbucks to Get Free Amazon Gift Card

Swagbucks is a search engine like Google or Bing; however, unlike these search engines, in Swagbucks, you gain points for the searches you conduct on the Internet. You may also conduct tiny surveys, print coupons, make purchases on the Internet, and they have various Swagbucks codes that they share on their social networks.

2. Free Unlimited Amazon Gift Cards with Fetch Rewards

It is a program that awards you with points that you can later exchange for Free Amazon gift cards 2022 or other of your favorite businesses. This App is easy to use, and you gain points for merely scanning your receipts for your purchases at grocery stores, including Safeway, Kroger, Target Giftcard, Walmart Giftcard, and many more free gift cards. You also gain points for your online purchases.

  • With only 3000 points, you can earn a $3 Amazon gift card.
  • The App is available for iOS (Apple, Ipad) and Android smartphones.
  • This App is available in the US


3.Shopkick:Legit Amazon Giftcard Generator 2022

It is a program that pays you with points, also called kicks. This Application is straightforward, and you gain points for just entering grocery stores, the mall, pharmacies, and others. With only 500 points or kicks, you may redeem a $2 gift card from the various supermarket or mall retailers. The App is available for iOS (Apple, Ipad) and Android smartphones.

4. Ibotta:Working Unlimited Amazon Gift Card Generator 2022

The Ibotta program provides you with rebates on the things you buy at various supermarkets. The list of stores where you can conduct the rebate is long. Among the best known are Safeway, QFC, Albertsons, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

5. Checkout51:Generate Gift Card Without Human Verification

Checkout51 provides you with rebates on the things you buy in various supermarkets. It is similar to Ibotta.

  • Available for USA and Canada.
  • You can also use it from your PC or Laptop.
  • The offers run from Thursday at 12:00 am through Wednesday. So be careful to do your shopping and scan your receipts during the sale week you wish to do.
  • Some offers can be made many times. Just make sure by clicking the Plus button, and you will see the limit of these rebates.
  • For purchases of $60 or more, you can enter the monthly drawing and win up to $500.
  • You can transfer your money after you accumulate $20, and you can redeem for various gift cards such as Amazon Gift Card, Target giftcard, and others.

6.Top Cashback:Secret Method To Get Free Amazon Giftcard

Top cashback is a program that returns you a percentage of the total purchases you make on the Internet.

Registration is FREE, and easy to register as a new user Here.

You can buy within the 4000 TopCashback affiliated companies such as Walmart giftcard, Sears giftcard, Macy's giftcard, Best Buy giftcard, Amazon giftcard, Walgreens giftcard, etc. I guarantee you that you will find the store where you make your purchases for the home.

The return money percentages are very good or higher than other programs like Ebates and ShopAtHome. On several occasions, I have seen up to double the return percentage compared to the competition.

You can save double using the discount coupons or codes and the percentage of money back.

You also have special offers on training and travel purchases such as Hotels.com, Expedia, Priceline, etc.

7. Bing Rewards

Bing is a search engine on the Internet like Google or Swagbucks. With Bing, you gain points for the searches you do.

For three searches, you get one credit and 30 credits per day.

Check the daily offerings to gain additional points.

When you exchange your points for an Amazon gift card, you will receive an email with the code or the instructions to take in two days.

You can participate in numerous raffles using your acquired points.

You can also get points through your cell phone. You are using the Bing app.

There are two levels, Silver and Gold. At the Gold level, you can redeem gift cards with fewer points.

8. Befrugal

It is a program that returns you a percentage of the total purchases on the Internet. As a new member, you can receive a $10 bonus when creating your account, only for the USA.

Registration is 100% FREE and easy to register.

You can buy within the 5,000 BeFrugal connected companies such as Walmart, Sears, Macy's, Best Buy, Amazon, Walgreens, etc. They are also lined with restaurants and motels.

The return money percentages are very good or greater than the other programs like Ebates and TopCashback. On numerous times, it has seen up to double the percentage of return compared to the competitors.

You can save double utilizing the discount coupons or codes that BeFrugal offers and the percentage of money back.

You can obtain your money back immediately to a bank account, PayPal, or gift cards from various businesses. You have to accumulate a minimum of $25.

9. Toluna

Looking for a way to make a little more money in the comfort of your own home The survey sites could be the answer, and Toluna is one of the leading participants in this industry.

Not only is enrollment free, but the site offers much more than paid surveys: it contains contests, product evaluations, and even a daily lottery, where you may earn points to be redeemed for gift cards from Amazon or money Paypal.

10. Bananatic

You can also utilize Bananatic to test your Application. You can redeem your points for prizes and game skins, but Amazon Gift Cards are another bonus choice.

In addition to testing the game, you can also buy online and download the Application. You can “level up” through further use of the Application. This means that you can gain more points for each activity.

11. Rebel Rewards

Prize Benefits Includes Free Amazon Gift Cards With Prize Rebel. You can start making money in 10 seconds. You can also earn points by displaying adverts and pay points for online surveys and product tests.

12. Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft has declared war on Google and is willing to pay you to win it. Earn points by exploring the Internet and obtaining a gift card through the free Microsoft Rewards program.

Just sign up and start using Bing as your new internet search engine (Goodbye, Google!). You may also challenge your wits by earning additional points with daily quizzes and other simple mini-games.

It is possible to win a gift card; however, gift card options are minimal.

You may redeem points for subscription programs, movies, games, and even gift cards from the Microsoft Store that contain Office 365.

13. Harris Survey

Harris Paul is one of the oldest research companies in the world. They want your feedback on several themes connected to consumer behavior and current event research.

In addition to earning points in each poll, the Harris Poll organized the prize draw. For each survey, you will earn a biweekly cash lottery ticket. Harris is one of the few online research sites for teens.

14. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is highly appreciative of the time and efforts of its users. Survey monkey makes it easy and delivers the surveys placed on your option, which you can accomplish in only 5 minutes or less. You must have engaged in the second survey, you will have to work hard to do the survey there, and it can take 10 to 15 minutes to complete them.

Survey Monkey is a wonderful option for excellent survey firms. After joining up on Survey Monkey, it selects the survey depending on your interest so that you will not have any trouble completing the survey assignment in the future. You may cash your rewards with an amazon gift card.

15. Amazon Coupons

Most Amazon coupon discounts are immediate, although you may be offered an Amazon Gift Code when purchasing specific items. Then you will get a free Amazon Gift Card.

First, check the food, health, and beauty sections. In these three categories, you are most likely to find a gift code.

Time to Take Action

Here we have revealed some efficient and easy strategies by which you may receive an Amazon gift card for free without paying any money. This amazon gift card is incredibly handy for folks who adore buying online. The passion for internet purchasing has developed significantly after the global pandemic. If you are also one of those shopping addicts, then this amazon gift card can aid you in getting additional discounts and shopping.

Happy Shopping!

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