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How to Earn Money with Hindi Blogging in 2022(No One Tells About)

If I am to talk about the year 2010 or even earlier when hindi blogging was the best possibility on the internet to earn money, or you can perhaps say a terrific option for establishing a full-time profession, nothing is permanent except change. So what is the future of blogging in 2022 or ahead? How much potential is there right now? How much can you earn? Whether it is a full-time career or not? And if there is any possibility, how can you make money with blogging in 2022?

If you are new to hindi blogging, I will briefly explain that blogging is a technique where you build a website and frequently write articles about the things you are interested in, have knowledge about, or have some experience with. For example, a channel is made on YouTube, and on that channel, you normally submit videos connected to one particular theme like health, recipes, lifestyle, motivation, entertainment, news, etc. Just like that with blogging in 2022, you have to construct a website and post articles on a certain theme instead of a channel. Most artists rely entirely on YouTube for views and money; similarly, most bloggers depend on Google for traffic and good income in blogging. And because of this reliance, individuals have a question in their thoughts Is blogging a rewarding job in 2022?

If yeah, then how? And how to generate money with blogging in 2022 and the next years? As I mentioned, most bloggers depend on Google search for traffic, Google Adsense for cash, and Google Adsense for income. To some extent, this is true, yet throughout the previous 4 to 5 months, I performed my study on many blogs and websites. After analyzing various niche blogs, affiliate sites, micro-niche websites, and business blogs, so many bloggers do not depend on Google search for traffic. Still, they can get a good amount of blog traffic from other sources and generate adequate income without AdSense.

What I mean is, even if you don’t have an Adsense account you may still make a reasonable income There are many bloggers that don’t use Google Adsense by choice In the previous 4 to 5 months I conducted some experiments I developed a few niche websites produced traffic and got an income that is regarded decent in India and yes it was without Google traffic and without utilising Google Adsense But now let’s speak about the big boss, Google, which is a major source of traffic and if you talk about the money then Google’s AdSense is still the most basic and one of the greatest sources of income Now I will tell you why you will receive huge traffic from Google and how can you create a decent income from it too Billions of searches are done on Google every day with blogging in 2022. If you study the previous 10 years’ history of Google searches on Google is rising every year This implies Google is still one of the key sources of traffic for blogs and websites But 3 essential questions Although billions of searches are done on Google, how many of those queries arrived on the blogs of writers like me in 2022? How much revenue can we generate in how many searches?

Of course (depending on the content, country, methods of monetization, and increase website authority). Today, besides blogging, there are many more alternatives like YouTube, Instagram, online commerce, etc.


Do they represent any threat to blogging in the future? I investigated hundreds of websites, 90% of them were blogs maintained by an individual blogger, For example, Websites from India, the US, and other nations. Authority websites are famous companies like Stylecraze, GSMArena and YourStory, and High-traffic websites with mediocre brands like Adamenfroy and Sound Guys. They receive close to a million visits, yet not many people remember the name of their blogs Affiliate blogs that make cash exclusively through make money with affiliate marketing in 2022. Business blogs whose major source of make income selling things, Small micro-niche sites that target Clickbank, Warriorplus, Amazon, or other high-paying affiliate items, Websites that have little traffic but create a great income, and on the other side, sites that receive high traffic but generate poor money One current example that I would like to give you are websites made on government expired domain till a few weeks ago they were causing a lot of traffic If you notice this website they received 1.5 million traffic. Still, the traffic value is merely 20K dollars.

These folks also make a lot of money, which might be a techniques to make significant money with blogging. Remark if you want a film about the methods of these sorts of websites. Other than investigating these websites, I also explored many other topics that are directly or indirectly linked to blogging that might be incredibly good to know the potential of blogging in 2022; and believe me, After this investigation, my opinion is there is the same huge potential in blogging. I honestly don’t care how much potential there is in any other profession and how simple or competitive it is. However, if you are talking about blogging, it still has many possibilities. I will not explain this to you in much depth, but I can offer you a reasonable notion that will make things obvious. The searches on Google have not reduced yet every year. These searches are growing. According to Live Internet Stats, nearly 8.5 billion searches are conducted every day but let’s examine That about 50% of these searches result in no clicks, which indicates searchers obtain the answer from the SERP result. Roughly 8% of the searches are for the top 50 keywords like Amazon, Wikipedia, Facebook, Google, and others.

Almost 10% of queries land on all the high authority sites or news sites. Out of 8.5 billion searches, 2.7 billion searches are valuable for blogs like ours. That equals 81 billion searches per month. Do you know that simply 50,000 monthly searches are enough to create a nice income in India if you are prepared to work a little hard?

Besides blogging, if I talk about other online occupations like being a YouTuber, Instagram influencer, or selling anything online then they are similarly competitive and for online selling, paid promotion is going to be quite expensive If it is YouTube you may earn a respectable income only after reaching 100,000 subscribers I know it since I have experience with this If I talk about Instagram, direct earning is quite difficult And if I talk about online selling, then it is very difficult to make a profit without a quality product and without building a brand and the most important thing about these careers is that you have to remain personally active on each of these platforms However, blogging is a bit different There are so many niches from which you can generate a solid Adsense income even without much traffic I have sites where I earn 15 to 25 dollars per 1000 views And I am not active on some of these sites But the most essential point is if you are a blogger you can utilise all these social sites for branding, extra traffic, and more cash.

Let us look at another example to appreciate the possibilities of blogging. Just check this website which is available on Flippa for sale. Let’s review the analytics of this website Flippa validates all the data if someone wants to sell his website; the traffic and earnings stated by the website are validated by Flippa. You can see the monthly pageviews of this website are 14144, and monthly unique visitors are 6256. Gross revenue is $10,792 each month, while the net profit is the same at $10,792. It implies this website generates $10,792 from just 6256 visitors. Suppose I examine the organic search traffic of this domain on Ahrefs. In that case, it’s merely 998, So this website, JoicyNails, is generating loads of money with just 1000 Google visitors, illustrating the great potential of blogging.

Let’s come to the 81 billion searches for blogs. Suppose I remove all the useless keywords or low CPC keywords out of 81 billion searches like Indian recruitment and results, events and news keywords, and keywords on entertainment and consider only 50 billion good searches, even then. In that case, Google is still an ocean of traffic, And out of these 50 billion searches, getting 50,000 monthly searches is not going to be that difficult. Now you have a reasonable concept of the genuine potential of blogging. However, if you want to be a successful blogger in 2022 and the following few years, you must adapt your approach; it will be impossible to generate money with the same old techniques.

Even if you can earn some revenue now, you will have issues in the future. Hence you have to prepare in a manner that you remain successful for the next ten years. Following and applying ten crucial guidelines can protect your future as a blogger.


1.Mindset For Hindi Blogging

You have to adjust your thinking. First, you have to regard yourself as a content developer rather than a blogger, And when it comes to content development then, consistency greatly counts. Although blogging provides money, it is incredibly hard and uninteresting until you learn to generate money from it. Initially, it takes time; however, it is neither hard nor dull once you start earning. It’s pretty fascinating.

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