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Working free fire diamond hack? Free fire diamond generator 99999?Is it possible?

Hello there, how are you enjoying your free fire gaming? I know you’re getting better by the day. And relax; you’ve arrived at the ideal source for obtaining a free fire free diamond. Simply go through each line, and I guarantee you’ll learn some new ways to acquire free fire free diamonds. Let me begin with a bit of introduction.

Friends, we are all sports fans who are well aware of the Garena Free Fire game’s popularity. Following the prohibition of PUBG mobile, it has become the most sought-after battlefield game. When the Indian authorities banned PUBG, most of its active players instantly switched to Garena free fire. Surprisingly, the number of downloads for Free Fire had simply soared on the Playstore within a day.

And the Garena free fire crew never failed to impress us after that. Their distinctive consumer engagement strategies, such as regular interesting offers, events, awards, new in-game characters, firearms, apparel, and weapon skins, have always been popular among gamers like us.

There are several ways to obtain a Free Fire free diamond code on the internet. However, the majority of the tricks may not work for you.

We only reveal you real ways to earn free diamonds in Free Fire in this post. We directly purchase Google Play promo codes and provide them to you. You may use our code to indirectly purchase free fire diamonds using your Google Play Store wallet.

On the other hand, our MyFreebies team is always developing innovative and real ways to provide you with free Fire and limitless diamonds. Scroll down to see all of the hidden and intimate methods that our team does to earn free fire free diamonds. We also discussed several reliable programs for obtaining free fire free diamonds. Scroll down to get a list of all the free fire free diamond applications that our team employs to obtain free diamonds.

April 2022 proofs of free Fire free diamond and free Fire redeem codes.

What is the point of obtaining a free fire diamond code?

All free fire gamers know that to purchase any in-game things, we require a free fire premium in-game money known as “free fire diamonds.” When our level in free-fire increases, inside-us begins to solicit us to purchase free-fire products. It shows our free-flowing personality as more strong and more intriguing than our competitors.

This free fire diamond may be used to purchase a variety of in-game cosmetics, often known as add-ons. This free fire diamond may buy characters, weapons, outfits, weapon skins, treasure box skins, and other items.

Furthermore, free fire diamonds allow you to purchase a variety of wonderful features such as additional characters, emotions, message chats, and actions. Using the free fire diamonds, we may buy popular characters such as Alvaro, DJ Alok character free, Luqueta, Kelly, Jota, Paloma Rafael, Clu, Shimada, Hayato, A124, Laura, Wolfrahh, Adam, Antonio, and others.

Those unaware of the free fire free diamond connection pay a small sum of money to obtain a free diamond free fire. So, folks, if you want to save money for yourself and your parents, keep reading down the text to learn new tactics.

How do I utilize the free fire diamonds?

As previously stated, free fire diamonds may be utilized to obtain free characters such as DJ Alok, weapons, skins, etc. If you don’t know how to get these free fire free diamonds, there are a few options. One popular approach is to use the Google Play store. This is the most popular software for obtaining free fire diamonds, but before you begin, you must confirm that your Playstore account has sufficient balance.

  • To begin, launch Google Play on your smartphone.
  • Tap the profile symbol in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Then select Payments and Subscriptions from the drop-down menu.
  • You’ll notice a ‘Redeem Gift Code’ option under Payments & Subscriptions.
  • A pop-up window will appear.
  • To add money to your wallet, enter the redemption code.
  • Then launch the free Fire app.
  • Simply choose the in-game premium products you wish to buy.
  • Then you’ll notice a pop-up from Playstore inviting you to make a payment.
  • Continue by tapping the button.
  • You may also finish the redemption process on your PC. All you have to do is follow the instructions.
  • Launch the Chrome browser on your PC or mobile device.
  • There are four possibilities in the upper right corner: ‘Gmail,’ ‘Images,’ ‘A Google app logo,’ and your ‘Gmail logo.’
  • Select the ‘Google Apps’ icon (looks like a dial-pad with nine dots)
  • Choose the ‘Google Play’ icon.
  • You will be sent to the Playstore website.
  • ‘Payment Methods’ is now available on this page on the left side of the screen.
  • On the following screen, click ‘Add Payment Methods.’
  • When you click it, a ‘Redeem Code’ option will appear.

To obtain the Google play redeem code, enter the redeem code in the blank field and click “Redeem.”

Using your Google Play wallet balance, you can get a free fire diamond in your FF id.

Some Google Play redemption codes can be used to obtain a free fire diamond coupon in April 2022.

We have included several free redemption codes that will allow you to add free money to your Google Play store wallet, allowing you to purchase a free fire diamond coupon. Scroll down to see how we obtained these free vouchers. Continue reading this post till the conclusion to learn about all of the sources from which we obtained the code.


















































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3D4SA890F5TB3D4WWNTU890F5TB3D4WWNTU890F (Added just now)

4ECSSM1ENBAK374R (Added just now)

11/04/2022 Free Fire Diamond Codes








































































4TXLMZP5V3P9MFE3₹1002:27 PM
5WRFH2955YAWWLXP₹3003:33 PM
6TCTE9UP0PU91Z8C$103:50 PM
7S7YK7XSZNF3Z56B$204:48 PM
0U0TYRNGBE650M0U₹1006:35 PM
A5J0B3Y227BZ0AAM₹2008:33 PM
B9RX6REDGV85RMY6$109:17 PM
HJ489JBV29V9JHBV$110:39 PM
CAB2927G1M0MX9VY₹1011:07 PM
7S7YK7XSZNF3Z56B₹2012:01 AM
512DXA535EKDML29$512:07 AM
4TXLMZP5V3P9MFE3₹1512:30 AM
H4Z36Y73KGPTEI3B₹201:02 AM
13MUPV9H97ZSUN6E₹151:30 AM
J3KR6V24808LDSRS₹202:29 AM
NSU6J38BSI7YOAU0₹102:45 AM
6G2JAVY7Z48NUYHC₹202:58 AM
DD0C87YW7KBWF3U2₹103:23 AM
H459FTGA8AWZBH2S₹253:57 AM
954K9Z0P5SCU26NH₹204:08 AM
3B4V7GF3YA2SNUSM₹105:04 AM
JW59S9S05YKYR3CE₹207:00 AM
2E36NS9JJ7TBNBN5₹107:23 AM
4KW3Y44YDS3UKEHX₹457:30 AM
6B9B4T5HCNMDLZU8₹1510:02 AM
9HHLR91XAL778XYB₹1511:33 AM
6TCTE9UP0PU91Z8C₹1511:53 AM
GLGW4KA2EE18G4Z6₹1512:22 AM
8HWLDK2Y6C0SKA4A₹3012:59 AM
45S8CC76S4T2CV89₹1501:44 AM
AGJH0SWDU0K31H0S₹3002:13 AM
KHJY7M88059PZ4ZX$702:24 AM
KU17PUL157RGRTRC₹1503:32 AM
GK8C647776REA7SF₹1005:38 AM
4H4E3ZYZP8ZXX9DR₹2505:44 AM
F70ZXNS92PLMF319₹3007:21 AM
D1P124S97X0R8MF7₹1009:28 AM
9RBJR01NK1519MX7₹1011:03 AM
9XUP12NV1BF113M4₹2011:21 AM
3B9V7A02V93WC7RJ$201:22 PM
6TCTE9UP0PU91Z8C₹2002:52 PM
GFL90CR48U5EXX5Y₹1002:56 PM
CMBE5JTG1288TX6G₹2003:34 PM
DH1CU6EH0K3XMJ59₹1005:45 PM
01RBX65G91TNTSE3₹3005:51 PM
9RBJR01NK1519MX7₹1006:23 PM
54IIXSKGJW8I5H10$207:04 PM
LN43NL7OX0TZ8VR0₹3007:07 PM
01RJP67BWT5JP22V₹3508:30 PM
17P7LAAC4V7LDFAP₹2009:18 PM
5TJV78972YKLNYW4$209:31 PM
BCA0CFCGNX2WC427₹3010:34 PM
7K8L38A99UAT8PGV₹1010:59 PM
GNX86Y254HCFE7L8₹3511:56 PM
7L61L8J5R8E592Z5₹1512:22 PM
KEGPVKS2L99U6HZ1$112:31 PM

How to Exchange Google Play Credits for Free Diamonds on Free Fire

On your device, launch the Free Fire app.

Tap the “+” symbol at the top of the screen to buy a diamond.

A new window will open, displaying the many plans for ff diamonds.

Select the pack you wish to buy.

After that, you’ll be taken to the Google Play payment gateway.

To purchase the diamond, choose your Google Play balance as the payment option.

To finish the transaction, press the Buy button.

If your Google Play account lacks a wallet balance, proceed to the next stage.

Select Google Play balance.

Choose the Redeem code.

Copy the redemption code from MyFreebies blog.

Then choose “Redeem.”

You may now simply obtain free fire free diamonds.

The Google Play Store is not the only place to get free fire diamonds; there are a variety of third-party apps that can serve as a viable alternative. There are a few well-known websites and apps for free fire free diamonds that allow you to buy free fire diamonds for free.

  • MooGold
  • Paytm
  • PhonePe, GooglePay, AmazonPay, and other UPI payment applications

We have a separate post dedicated to the Free Google Play redemption code. You can look into it. Furthermore, we have discussed this in full below. Simply scroll down to find out how to add free balance to Playstore. Let us now return to the main topic and learn how to acquire free Fire limitless diamond.

You’re probably thinking about what the point of visiting this site is if we have to add money to the Google Play store. Don’t worry, friends; we will not let you down for whatever reason. It is, in fact, an indirect method of obtaining free fire free diamonds.

Free fire diamond tricks – Do free fire diamond tricks work?

A definite NO. Never engage in unauthorized free fire diamond tactics. These free-fire diamond tactics never work and might land you in hot water. In fact, Free Fire may permanently disable your Free Fire ID.

You may be seeking free fire-free diamond by Googling phrases like Free fire diamond, free fire diamond, free Fire limitless diamond mod, and so on; however, all of them are in violation of the free-fire rules.

It is strongly encouraged not to violate any company’s privacy policies. Otherwise, Garena will permanently ban your account. As a result, we ask that you only utilize legal methods to obtain free diamonds in free Fire. If you want to gain free diamonds and free Fire, you must devote time to these legal methods and programs. As a result, it is preferable to play it safe.

Some straightforward methods for obtaining FREE FIRE FREE DIAMONDS

There are several direct and indirect techniques for obtaining free diamond free Fire. If you employ direct methods, you must either pay a few dollars out of your own cash or wait for the proper occurrence to occur.

You must explore many platforms in order to obtain some free fire free diamonds. MyFreebies blog is one such place where you can obtain free Google Play and Amazon Fire redemption codes. So, without further ado, let us get right to the legitimate ways to earn free diamonds in free Fire.

These are the several methods for obtaining free fire free diamonds.

Google Play Redeem Codes or Free Fire Redeem Codes: These are codes that will allow you to deposit money to your Google Play Store account or immediately purchase a free diamond in Free Fire. Every day, we offer free Google Play redemption codes on our blog. Please go to the post right away to get the code.

The play store wallet balance may then be used to purchase the free fire diamonds. Examine the prices required to obtain the stones. As a result, you receive money in your Play Store account by redeeming our vouchers.

Prices for Free Fire Diamonds

Rs 80100 diamonds
Rs 250310 diamonds
Rs 400520 diamonds
Rs 8001060 diamonds
Rs 16002180 diamonds
Rs 40005600 diamonds

Purchase Membership Plans: If you buy any membership plan, whether weekly, monthly, or both, you will earn diamonds as a payback. The weekly membership costs $1.99 and includes 420 diamonds, while the monthly membership costs $7.99 and includes 1,900 gems.

Reporting Flaws in the Advance Server: Garena Free Fire allows you to report bugs in their upgrades. And if you spot a problem and report it, you will be rewarded with free fire free diamonds.

Participate in events: To obtain free diamonds, take part in numerous free-fire events. Although you have a significant probability of receiving free fire gifts, there are only a limited amount of them accessible. So, in order to obtain some free fire free diamonds, you must actively engage in the official activities. The app is now hosting a Diwali top-up event. You can look into it.

Level up pass: As the name implies, if you reach a higher level, you will be showered with hundreds of diamonds. You may level up by purchasing the level-up pass. If you buy, you will get 4.02X diamonds, which is roughly 800 gems.

Livestream: You may also obtain free Fire and diamonds by watching gamers’/streamers’ live feeds. Many good players frequently provide free fire diamonds on their live feed.

Discord Giveaway: There are several free fire diamond discords that occasionally provide incredible deals. This discord is a venue for many pro gamers and others with insider information. And some gamers arrange free fire infinite diamond codes and distribute them as freebies.

MyFreebie Blog: Friends, why waste your valuable time on the above-mentioned sources that will take up a lot of your time? Rather, you should visit our blog, where we will keep you up to speed on the newest free Fire, free diamond tactics.

How does our team obtain infinite free fire diamonds?

To obtain a few diamonds or simply a single redeem code, you must be active on many sites. If you ask us where we acquire the codes, we won’t be able to provide you with any particular sources of free fire free diamonds.

Every day, our crew participates and joins many discords, Reddit forums, events, and Livestream giveaways to gather a single redemption code. And anytime we find such diamond packs at a low or discounted price, we buy them and promptly distribute them on our blogs so that our friends like you may utilize the codes.

Guys, our crew is constantly looking for new ways to acquire free Google Play redemption codes/free fire diamonds/free PUBG UC, and we attempt to get fresh and functional redeem codes every day to post on our site. And while looking for different ways, we install many apps, complete various tasks, and receive many redeem codes/free fire diamond free.

Okay, friends, let me reveal a few sites (sources that we use to discover codes for our blogs) from which you may also obtain free diamond free fire to purchase your favourite in-game cosmetics.

Why does our squad amass so many free fire free diamonds?

Before I continue, I’d want to share something with you. Even before the launching of the Free Fire game, our team has been in the discount coupon code business for many years. We have a dedicated coupon code and redemption code blog where we sell the codes for a fee. And from time to time, we will provide a few codes/tricks in this blog to assist individuals who cannot afford to spend money.

New methods/tricks for getting free Fire, diamonds, and gold

Friends, whatever sources we will inform you of are completely reliable. We utilize these methods to find fresh free fire diamonds or free fire redemption codes for our discount site. However, you must be patient to locate the code. Otherwise, you may visit our site to acquire the most recent Google Play, Free Fire, and PUBG UC redemption codes.

Here are a few places to get free fire infinite diamonds.


booyah app unlimited diamonds

BOYAH is an app designed specifically for watching Free Fire Live Streams and Gaming Short Videos. Short game videos, such as YouTube clips and Instagram reels, are available. Free Fire users, like us, produce and submit all material. You should be able to stream your content live on major streaming services.

This software will provide you with real-time updates on numerous live broadcasts. And, as I already stated, Livestream might be a terrific way to obtain free fire diamonds.

Aside from that, you may participate in various live open events. When you install it and begin using it, you will become accustomed to it, and this app displays forthcoming open events on the webpage itself.

Alternatively, you may go to the booyah. Live website to receive the usual webpage. Winners will receive free Fire Diamonds. Along with diamonds, there are daily login awards; booyah shot rewards, ascension royale bundles, dice tokens, new expressions, vehicle skins (Lamborghini), car skins (monster trucks), new UMP skins, New Wall Skins, Grenade Skins, Loadbox Skins, and Booyah Event Bundles.

How to Make Use of the Booyah App

  • Download the Booyah App from the Google Play Store.
  • Navigate to the profile area, which is located in the bottom right corner of the page.
  • Sign in with your Google or Facebook account.
  • Look for and participate in a variety of events.
  • Tap on the “+” symbol at the bottom to submit your video clip.
  • Tap the clips to view brief free-for-all gaming videos.
  • You may win diamonds, game credits, gift cards, and cashback.

This is the greatest free fire free diamond app for free-fire fans who frequently shop online and wish to buy things at a discounted price or cashback incentives.

You will receive 50-100 per cent cashback when you purchase your favourite online things from various online retailers. This app offers incentives such as free fire diamonds, free UC for PUBG players, Google Play Redeem Code, Paytm Cash, Amazon Pay Gift Card, and so on.

In addition, by participating in weekly and monthly contests, users may receive free fire redemption coupons. Its spin the wheel game allows you to try your luck every day and win extra prizes.

To obtain free Google Play coupons, you may enter free gift contests. These Google Play redemption codes may now be used to get free fire diamonds. On a weekly basis, the app introduces new goodies.

You may add extra rewards to your wallet by finding new applications and games, taking official surveys, and referring your family and friends to utilize the free fire rewards.

You may utilize your free time to earn prizes by watching a variety of intriguing videos, much like many other applications on the market.

Free Game Codes – Gift Play (free fire free diamond app )

This is one of the greatest free fire free diamond apps for topping up your free fire diamonds. You may earn coins and use them to purchase free diamonds in free Fire.

Let’s go over the steps:

  • Download the app from the Google Play store.
  • Launch the app and sign in using your Google Account.
  • It proposes several opportunities to generate money on the dashboard.
  • Installing applications is one of the simplest and most used approaches.
  • It will give you Rs 100 if you gather 10,000 coins.
  • You just collect the desired quantity of coins.
  • Using coins can redeem free google play coupons up to Rs.100.
  • Use your Play Store balance to purchase Free Fire Diamonds.

Lulubox– A website where you can get Free Fire Free Diamonds.

Lullubox is a website/app that allows you to obtain free Fire, limitless diamonds, money, character skins, and other in-game cosmetics. However, we strongly advise against using this method. It actually goes against the privacy rules of the Garena free fire game. And if you are discovered using the free fire app, you may be blacklisted by the firm.


Play smart is a fantastic tool that allows you to earn free Google Play redemption cards just by playing games. You must first install this free software in order to find and play a plethora of new and entertaining games. The greater the winning sum, the more games you play. You can then exchange your earned coins and rewards for Google Play gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and even real cash. Use everything you earn to purchase free fire free diamonds and enjoy the free limitless diamonds.

Casual, Strategy, Action, Puzzle, Arcade, and more game genres are available in the app.

There are three more ways to accelerate your progress and earn rewards faster.

Invite your friends to contribute bonus coins to your account.

To collect more coins faster, play a game with a high coin multiplier.

Play the game every day to increase your chances of accumulating more coins.

Free Recharge – Free Fire – Free Diamond App

Because the name begins with the word “free,” it is obvious that you will receive free fire diamonds and redemption codes. Despite the fact that the process is indirect, obtaining free fire free diamonds with this simple app becomes very simple. You only need to install the app, and once it is installed, you will quickly learn the steps. This app rewards you for logging in to the app on a daily basis.

Aside from that, this app offers five scratch cards every day for a chance to win a diamond as a prize. If you don’t want to use any of the two methods, you simply watch videos to earn rewards.

All the rewards you have earned can be directly transferred to your Paytm Wallet and then used to get free fire diamonds, or ff redeem codes.

SkillClash-free fire diamond gift

I found this app quite a suitable way to earn free fire diamonds. What I loved was, They rewarded us for playing numerous intriguing games, and you don’t need to install any app for it to play the game. Skillclash is a website that can only be opened on your Chrome browser.

  • Visit the Skillclash website.
  • Register your cellphone number in the following window
  • Once the registration is done, you will be taken to their home page.
  • Many popular games are listed on the webpage.

It is entirely up to you whether or not to play the game by examining the amount of prize you receive after completing the game.

When you earn coins or other types of incentives, you may exchange them for free fire redemption coupons or free Google Play redeem codes.

To buy ff diamonds, use your play store wallet balance.

This is the greatest technique to obtain free diamonds in free Fire indirectly.

DailyLuck – Redeem a free fire code app

You may make money by downloading wallpapers on your phone with this app. In addition to installing the applications, you may play the Piano Magic Tiles Block game, spin the wheel, invite your friends, and earn rewards.

In addition, you will receive daily bonuses, fortunate draw adjustments, trending games, daily assignments, and other benefits.

Although the app is not accessible on the Play Store, you may download the apk and enjoy the app while increasing your chances of receiving free fire diamonds.

Google Opinion Rewards for a free diamond top-up on Fire.

You’ve probably heard of Google Opinion Rewards, where you can get paid to do surveys on various products and services. You must participate and complete short questionnaires in order to do so. However, you might not receive surveys right away.

Because of its authority and dependability, this program is worth installing. This app is actually provided by Google. Google introduces new surveys, polls, and tasks. The app rewards you for completing tasks on a regular basis.

Whatever amount you have earned, you may use it to get a free Google Play redemption coupon. Then, go to the free fire game and select the play store payment method to obtain free fire diamonds.

First, you must download and install the Google Opinion Rewards app.

Open the Google Opinion Rewards app when it has been installed.

You will be prompted to provide your nation, zip code, age, and gender.

If you want to receive surveys on a regular basis, you can use a trick. So, each time you open the app, attempt to participate in surveys with various postal codes and ages.

That is, if you took the survey using a specific profile (postal code, age, gender) and didn’t receive any prizes, simply go to settings and change the profile data to a different one.

Simply use them to purchase free fire diamonds or free Fire redeem codes and enjoy your free gaming experience.

Crownit: Take Surveys and Win Exciting Prizes

This is a new app with the same premise as the previous one. This survey software will absolutely pay you actual money. I believe this is our team’s second most-used app, after the Google Opinion reward app, for obtaining any type of redemption code, particularly free fire diamonds.

Let me tell you about the several methods you may make money here. You may use this software to input your daily bills, play games, fill out online surveys, collect scratch cards, and win great prizes every time.

You are allowed to express your thoughts and provide feedback on a wide range of items and services that we use on a daily basis. One thing to keep in mind is that you must engage in online surveys and opinion games on a regular basis.

You will be given extremely easy tasks to do, just like in the last app. You will be required to provide a photo of your daily bills. Food Delivery, Restaurants, Online Shopping, Grocery, Cab, Utilities, Film, Fuel, and a variety of other services are offered.

Furthermore, you will be prompted to engage in new daily surveys, and it will recommend numerous new polls based on your language. Most polls last about 10-15 minutes.

It features several games such as Tambola, Birdie Rush, and Weekly Rush that contribute to the app’s excitement. After completing tasks, you will receive scratch cards containing a variety of incentives such as Paytm Cash, Free Google Play Redeem Codes, Free Fire Redeem Codes, Movie Vouchers, Online Shopping Vouchers, Offline Shopping Vouchers, and much more.

Sports Guru Pro- The best source of free fire diamonds

This is a fantasy sports app similar to MPL. The app has a similar earning model, and users are compensated for completing tasks. It has a spin-and-win option in addition to paying for app installation. Every day, you may use it to spin and earn money.

This is a one-of-a-kind app, and you may recommend it to your friends. This will help both of you in the long run.

Coins may be used to earn real money (Paytm, Phonepe, or any BHIM UPI) or as a free play store redemption voucher in April 2022.

If you like free-fire or PUBG, you can surely get free Fire, free diamonds, and free PUBG UC.

To get free Fire and diamonds, use the Rooter App.

This app is for you if you want to earn free diamonds for free Fire by watching live gaming streams. Yes, friends, this is a place where you can watch live E-games like Clash Of Clans Mod Apk and earn daily redemption code giveaways. You may earn prizes by performing basic daily, weekly, and monthly activities, as well as spinning the wheel to collect free fire diamonds.

Miami – New free fire diamond app

This is a unique program designed to obtain a free Google Play redemption code. And by using these codes, you will receive PUBG UC and Free Fire Diamond as a direct reward.

One notable aspect of this software is that you will receive a substantial quantity of real money for a small number of in-game coins. And in order to acquire these coins, you must accomplish some basic chores such as viewing humorous movies, playing games, and completing surveys.

You don’t have to worry about running out of money because it accepts all foreign currencies. As a result, you can earn in both dollars and the currency of your own country. You will be given numerous options for utilizing the reward.

In our situation, we intended to buy Google Play redeem code. Therefore we simply converted the money to the Play store redeem code and sent it to our Play store account. Then I used the code to acquire free fire diamonds.

MoneyTree Rewards – Get free ff diamonds and redeem codes.

I believe this app will meet your need for free-fire unlimited diamonds. It is simple to use and provides real diamonds. You will receive completely free fire diamonds. You will not be charged a single rupee for this. Everything will be guided to you after the program is loaded.

This program provides several opportunities to earn money, gift cards, and coupons online! You may make real money by installing new applications, taking surveys, and even watching TV shows on Food channels, Movie channels, Gaming channels, and so on. There is a quiz game where you may earn money by playing it. It also increases your knowledge.

You’re probably wondering what the point of the rewards is. These rewards can be used to purchase money/cash, Amazon gift cards, Google Play redeem codes, PUBG UC, Free fire diamonds, Xbox Microsoft cards, Playstation Network Gift cards, and so on.

If you form a team and play with them, your reward will be tripled by eight, and you will be able to earn while playing.

One eye-catching aspect is that you will be awarded money anytime one of your team members achieves some prizes. For example, if a team member completes a 1000-point offer, you will receive 10% of the incentive or 100 points.

CashKarma Reward Program: Gift Cards and Scratch Cards

Cashkarma is a reward software that gives you actual money by answering surveys, performing activities, installing applications, etc. This app has partnered with businesses that require your feedback and reviews for their operations. In exchange, they compensate you for such activities.

Earnings are modest at first, but if you dedicate enough time, such as 1-2 hours each day, you can make up to Rs.500. One great part of this app is you will be compensated even if you are disqualified from the survey.

You may either utilize the earned reward to turn it into real money using PayPal, Paytm or another service. You may also use it to redeem Google Play gift cards, Amazon, Walmart, Target, iTunes, Xbox Live, Playstation, and Starbucks gift cards. And there are many more.

TaskMate – Free Google Play Redeem Code

This is yet another fantastic software provided by Google. As of now, this app is only available to beta users, which is why it is limited to a select group of users. When it comes to incentives, it works wonderfully when making payments.

You will be assigned a variety of tasks to complete. It pays your incentives on time; it is so since this app incorporates assignments from numerous worldwide organizations. Tasks can range from taking a picture of a nearby restaurant to answering survey questions or translating sentences from English to your native language.

How to Make Use of the App

  • Install and launch the app.
  • Check to see if any jobs are available.
  • Once you obtain work, perform it by correctly following the rules.
  • That’s all there is to it; Taskmate will pay you after the assignments are completed.

You are now ready to withdraw money from the app in order to purchase free fire free diamonds.

But first, you must register your e-wallet with the Taskmate app’s payment partners.

Navigate to your profile page and select the “Cash-out” option.

Redeem your profits in the currency of your choice.

You only participate in tasks that interest you and that you would otherwise avoid. Tasks may be accomplished from any location, at any time.


Loco is the finest way for sports fans to make money. You may earn real money by watching films on a variety of topics. You can also get codes for free Fire, PUBG, and multiplayer games like Bull Bash, Ludo, Pool, Carrom, and others.

The best thing is that this app includes daily gaming quizzes. And it’s similar to KBC in that you just answer the proper questions and get rewarded for it. These coins may be used to load free money into the Play Store. And buying free fire diamonds with play store money is the finest alternative approach to obtain a 100 per cent bonus on free fire diamond top-ups.


The term “Task” in the name itself describes how the software works. The app will give you actual money if you complete the activities stated on their app. If you’ve utilized Google opinion rewards before, you’ll be able to use it with ease. Comparable to other similar applications, the duties here are pretty common, such as browsing other websites, viewing movies and advertisements, and so on. You may also make money by taking quizzes and playing games.

Just like Google Opinion Rewards, they reward you for engaging in daily competitions, opinions, surveys, and more. A person can earn up to 100 per day in one hour of work. You may now spend money from your wallet to purchase a free PUBG Mobile redemption code.

You may also transfer money to your Paytm Wallet and then add money to the Google Play Store from there. Simply use money from the Playstore to get free fire diamonds and load your favourite stuff into your free Fire.

We pay for you to talk.

From the name alone, you must have deduced the app’s payment method. It’s a fun approach to receive a free fire redemption code or free fire diamonds. This app will only pay you if you read sentences correctly and pronounce them correctly. Depending on the recording quality of your voice, you will get an Accuracy Score. And you will be rewarded as a result.

The payment guidelines simplify the withdrawal process. All you have to do is download the app and select your preferred language. Then, tap the recording button and begin reading the sentences on the screen.

Whatever money you have earned, just use that money to purchase the free-fire diamond you want.

EzCash: Free In-Game Currency & Gift Cards

This is the finest alternative app for individuals who think they are not getting enough surveys in other applications. This is a survey app with some interesting tasks. Unlike other survey applications, it gives a good variety of chances to make real cash. First of all, you will get a welcome 50 bonus coins straight after you install and sign-up for the first time.

Additionally, you will also win daily incentives for checking applications, scratching voucher cards, sharing information on social media, and other such linked hot chores.

You utilize your leisure time to make money by playing several entertaining games. Then, either deposit the prize to your Paytm wallet or use it to purchase free fire-free diamonds.

App for voting in polls (free fire free diamond )

This is a survey app that has millions of survey takers as participants. It, like any other survey software, offers a variety of intriguing surveys on a regular basis. You may earn real cash and then convert the money to add balance to a google play account, Amazon gift cards, Free fire-free diamonds, and many more. You may invite your friends to get extra incentives.


EarnEasy may be the ideal option for you if you need money in your Paytm wallet within 24 hours. It is a legitimate app that we personally utilized to get Paytm money. We’ve included a picture of our Earneasy wallet below.

You have the option of adding extra money to your wallet by utilizing Share and Refer. You receive 10 when a friend installs the app from Earneasy and an additional 5 when a referral downloads the app from Earn easy. So, in all, you earn 15 as a prize for each referral.

Using AirDrop, you can fire an unlimited number of diamonds.

I believe you were aware of AirDrop in Free Fire. If you don’t know about it, let me tell you it offers 200 or more diamonds for Rs 10 or Rs 29. This rare airdrop is a bumper gift of 100-999999 Free Fire Free Diamonds.

You can also obtain pets, weapon skins, free fire characters, emotes, and a variety of rare items. AirDrop bundle offers can be found in the app’s lobby or in the offers section.

One issue with this offer is that it is not available to everyone. There is, however, a way to take advantage of the offer. Simply follow the steps below to learn how to receive this airdrop that offers Free Fire Diamonds.

  • First, launch the Free Fire app on your smartphone.
  • Log out of your main Free Fire ID on your mobile device.
  • Create a new Free Fire account now.
  • You may create one with either a Google or a Facebook account.
  • Be the first to play at least 20 clash quad matches in this new account.
  • Win every game.
  • You will receive this airdrop offer in this new account after reaching a certain level in the game.
  • Now go to the lobby and purchase Rs.10 worth of airdrops.
  • This will credit your new FF account with 200 Free Fire Free Diamonds.
  • If you want to receive a free fire 99999 diamond, then repeat the method and purchase 2-3 airdrops with your new account.

You may move all Diamonds to your main Free Fire account once you have obtained Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds.

More similar approaches are being updated, so keep checking back.

Friends, every day, new applications and tactics appear on the market to earn free fire diamonds or free google play redemption codes.

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to locate a genuine app. We install a lot of fake apps during the process, which takes up a lot of space and internet data.

But, to assist you, we regularly discover new apps with the most recent tricks. As a result, we will keep you informed through our posts. If you truly want to learn about the most recent tricks, keep visiting our blog. This section contains the most recent tricks.


This post on the free fire free diamond is just for informative and educational purposes. 

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