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How to Hack Free Fire Max Unlimited Diamond?

free fire max unlimited diamonds hack

Hello free fire lovers, in today’s article, we are going to teach you how you can simply hack 99999 diamonds in free Fire Max.

Friends, as you all know, that free Fire is a battle royale game, and in this game, we need diamonds a lot to gain the stuff, and without diamonds, we cannot take much.

Friends, hacking diamonds is not a huge matter, but some take improper advantage of this item, for this reason google does not allow you to hack any sort of stuff. If you do not know that hacking Free Fire takes money, then it is true.

Many prominent youtubers have also hacked Garena and they have to suffer the brunt of it however if you are doing all this simply for fun reason then we are giving you some such things which you should not do and how you should How to hack 99999 gems from free Fire.



Friends, diamonds are indeed very important in free Fire and if you want to become pro and you need diamonds but do you know diamonds are given to big youtubers by garena free fire because those who join partner program, If you also want to participate the partner program of Free Fire, then we have written a very good article on it, you can read it later.

Yes, friends, if you want to hack 10000 diamonds, then first of all you have to go to some diamond generator tools and see if you get diamonds with the help of all those tools, then it will be a very good thing for you but I believe it is That these tools do not give you anything and waste your time. For your knowledge, tell that to now no such diamond generator tool has been produced, with the assistance of which you may hack diamonds in free Fire, for this you have to purchase diamonds.

If you use any such approach, then your mobile might be shut off permanently and you will never be able to play the game on your mobile.

Currently, there is an anti hack system operating in Free Fire which can easily capture any of your motions and if you are discovered performing anything like this then you will be suspended.

In the month of March, Free Fire has blacklisted a total of 60000 Free Fire IDs who were employing such techniques.

If you are thinking that you would hack diamonds in a false ID and give it to your primary ID, then you are mistaken since Garena will ban both your IDs.

About Garena Free Fire Max Better graphics and other characteristics have been given in Free Fire Max. Users can also login in to the game with their previous Free Fire account. With all this, users will be able to preserve the progress on both the versions in real time.
Besides this, Garena has informed about pre-registration rewards. For pre-registration of this game on Android smartphone, you have to access Google Play Store.

After it then you have to search by typing Garena Free Fire Max in the search bar.
After it, open Garena Free Fire Max when the search term appears. Here you have to press on the pre-register button. After that a popup will come.

It will be written in this that you’ll be informed when the game is available. After this you must to click on the “Got it button”.

Here you will also see option of Install when available. If you want the game to be downloaded in your phone as soon as it is available, then you can go with this option.

Free Fire MAX is made especially to deliver premium gameplay experience in a Battle Royale. Enjoy a range of exciting game modes with all Free Fire players via exclusive Fire link technology. Experience battle like never before with Ultra HD resolutions and amazing effects. Ambush, snipe, and survive; There is just one goal: to survive and be the last one standing.

Firelink technology

With Firelink, you may connect your current Free Fire account and play Free Fire MAX without any effort. Your progress and objects are preserved across both apps in real-time. You can play all game types with both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX players together, no matter which program they use.

All about Free Fire

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Free Fire is a battle royale games that you get to view on Android and iOS platform, it is a survival game which is extremely popular, along with this game more than 500 million people in India like to play free fire unlimited diamonds and This game is just 689 MB.

Come friends, today we provide you comprehensive information about this game, such as what occurs in this game, how to play, what are the benefits of playing it and also what are the negatives of playing this game.

First of all we provide you fundamental facts about this game so that you will know about it. Garena, which is a very major business, has invented the Free Fire game, friends, many of you have this question that when the Free Fire game was first introduced in India, then the right answer is Free Fire across the entire globe. It was originally introduced on 30 September 2017 as well as it was also launched in our India.

Forrest li , the creator of Garena , the firm that developed this game, dreamed of producing this game, friends, in the year 2017 , the craze of battle royale games had risen a lot, but at that time such games could be played only on PC . Keeping this in mind, forrest li thought of producing this game on mobile and he assigned the task of making this game to two tiny firms 111Dots studio and Omens studios of Free Fire, pals 111Dots studio is a Veitnam company and Omens studio is a Netharlands That is the firm, these two jointly produced our free fire game for mobile.

For information, let us tell you that the firm that creates Free Fire is from Singapore and this game has been produced in South Korea, many people frequently keep wondering if Free Fire is also a Chinese game like pubg mobile, so maybe you. The solution must have been discovered, Garena Free Fire is a Singapore game produced by Garena and the inventor of this game is Forrest li , today we know about this game in detail.

How to play and install Free Fire Max?

Since we have mentioned  above how you can play Garena Free Fire game on your android and ios platform buddies if you want to download this game on android then you have to follow these methods for that.

To get Free Fire on Android, you have to first visit the Google Play Store on your mobile and there you will find a search bar.
Now you have to search by putting free Fire in the search box .
The application of Free Fire will arrive in front of you, which you can simply install on your smartphone from google play store .
If you want to play this game on ios then you can use these techniques described by us and you can install free Fire very effortlessly.

Friends, if you have an apple mobile then you get to view ios instead of android .

There will be an application called Apple store on your mobile, it needs to be opened simply.
Now you have to search here by entering free Fire, as soon as you search here, you will get to view the app of Free Fire.
After this you can simply install and play this game.
If you are experiencing problem in installing this game in both these methods, then nothing to fear, you can also install this game through google, if you want to install it via google, then we have created a whole guide on it. Yes, you can sit easily and read it and you may enjoy playing by downloading this game.

Final Words

If you are wondering that I have put How to Hack Free Fire Max Unlimited Diamond? and free fire Max 99999 diamonds hack in the headline and I am asking you stay away from hacks, but friends, think it for yourself if I do not use this title, then will anyone read this post, no or not merely because of this reason I used this title.

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