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How we get mod APK of COC public server and who is the trusted Web to generate gems in COC?

Is it Possible to Get Unlimited Gems In Clash Of Clans?

Having unlimited gems is the dream of many Clash Of Clans lovers worldwide. Today we will show you How we get mod APK of COC public server and who is the trusted Web to generate gems in COC?

Firstly, even though many people want unlimited gems in coc, and it is possible, you won’t get them from the usual clash of clans. In the usual; clash of clans server, it isn’t possible to get unlimited gems.

However, you can try private servers. There is no Clash OF Clans mod apks for clash of clans. So if you want to have fun or have the feel of “Max Level Town Hall In Clash Of Clans”, you can use private servers.

NOTE: This post is only for educational purposes, and we do not encourage any modding activity.

What is a Private Server?

A private server coc is a server not maintained by SuperCell that you may connect to play if you root or jailbreak your mobile device to alter the host file to enable you to reach a different IP address with the game. With the help of these servers, you can acquire infinite resources and gems on specific private servers.

As for whether they are genuine depends on your definition; they exist but are most likely not legal. Please read SuperCells Terms Of Service over here.

Features of Clash Of Clans Mod Apk and Private Server

1. It lets you notice traps and teslas before the assault has even begun
2. You can set a search restriction such as gold equals 100000 and elixir equals 100000; then, it searches automatically until a base satisfies your criteria. You need not click the next button
3. It may also assist you in discovering bases which have their townhalls on edge.
4. it enables you to practice assaults in battles ( you must turn the sandbox attack on). You can set limitless soldiers.

Best Private Servers COC

Now let us see which clash of clans private servers are the best, as these are alternatives to clash of clans mod apk.

  1. ClashofSouls Server
  2. Plenix Clash Sever
  3. Clash Of Dreams Server
  4. Clashoflights Server
  5. ClashOfMagic Server

Features Of Each Of The Best Private Server Clash Of Clans


About: ClashofSouls or CocServer is a game created by Clash of Souls.

CoC Server is a server of one of many renowned mobile games, Clash of Clans, operated by Atrasis CoC. They try to provide you with the most pleasing in-game experience. It is precisely the same as the original game; the only difference is that you will have infinite resources at the start of the game and custom-designed structures. They have many daily active gamers wanting to establish a much more joyful and exciting gaming community, so join today and be one of them!

Few Of Its Features Include:

  1. Unlimited Gems, Golds, Elixirs
  2. Own base attack
  3. Gold Pass
  4. Town Hall 12
  5. Builder Hall 9
  6. Mod troops and buildings
  7. Commands

Clash Of Souls also comes with three servers, each with its features.

First Server: This server is for people who want no limit.
Second Server: This is a simple server that is modded.
Third Server: A simple server with no mod.

2. Plenix Clash Server

This is the most extraordinary Clash of Clans mod apk generator and Clash Royale Private Server. They have enormous servers with an outstanding staff working on the best software. They keep massive databases, so they keep all of the players, their bases, the clans that have been founded, and a lot more.

Some Of Their Features:
Always online
Custom Mods
Unlimited resources
Easy to use

3. Clash Of Dreams Server

After over four years of supplying this service, currently, they are giving the most significant private servers, being the safest, quick, updated and accessible worldwide 24 by 7. They provide a weekly update, known as seasons, which millions of players enjoy worldwide, as well as unique events for occasions such as Halloween and Anniversaries.

Unlimited Gems, Golds, Elixirs
Mod troops and buildings
Town Hall 12
And many more

4. Clash Of Lights Server

Lights Servers, earlier called COL, deliver the most reliable and robust simulated servers accessible.
They provide an unusual gaming experience, where you may enjoy infinite gems and resources, as well as modifications and friendly skirmishes against other players.
Lights Servers never crash, never lose your data and are entirely free to play.

100% uptime
Unlimited resources
Admin commands
5. Clash Of Magic Sever

Clash of Magic is the private server choice of many coc lovers. They began their adventure in May 2015, and as of today, they are one of the top server networks. They offer four different servers for COC – with or without mods, you get to decide. Their high-speed hosting ensures you will always receive the most incredible experience without delays. They made the servers unique depending on our users’ comments. There are more items to uncover.

Unlimited Gems, Golds, Elixirs
Town Hall 12
Builder Hall 9

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