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New Direct Selling Company |Is Saksham Direct Selling Company In India Legit Or Not

Before starting the information about the direct selling company, I want to give you one piece of information I am on YouTube. I keep bringing new information for you daily that friends about websites and mobile applications, but friends, we can use any website. Or, we do not give you any guarantee or warranty of the application, it is our job to provide you with new information every day, if friends, if you want to invest in any company, then you will do it on your responsibility, our aim is only for you every day. You have to bring new information and not encourage to join any company, so before joining friends and anywhere, before investing, investigate it thoroughly because online fraud is very high, so we will inform you in advance. Caution, hello friends, hold your heart and watch this video without scripting it till the last because which one is your choice, which one you have been waiting for a long time, which one is completely legal, the concept is absolutely easy and very quick. The one who is about to fulfil the pages, till that day you have seen for many years. Still, no company could fulfil those dreams; Today, I have appeared with the concept of fulfilling your dreams, friends; its PDF file is right in front of you.

It is open, so friends, without holding your heart, listen to and watch this video carefully. After that, there is a contact number in the description of the video; please contact above those contact numbers because more details to fulfil your dreams. I have mentors in the video’s description; their contact numbers have been given, and they will tell you to complete all the information I have, friends; I will try to tell you by explaining here in this pdf file, so hello, friends. Today I will talk about this concept, its PDF file has been opened in front of you, and the name of that app is Saksham India, and their website is www.
Com India direct selling dot com friend’s direct selling If it is together, then from here, friends, you can understand that there is a legal concept and full name is Saksham India Direct Selling Pvt Ltd. You have been welcomed here on this side. With an apt name, then friends, you can know That he has taken the initiative to make the whole of India capable; everyone will earn a lot of money on his own, will become capable himself, will be able to take everything. There will be no need to compromise anywhere because Saksham India will make you a capable successful person.

If you give it, friends, on this side, you see where the mission of the awards company is friends; the mix is very clear. The company y is promoting itself and giving opportunities to all the unkempt oyed people of India to fill their dreams. Friends, it is their mission to give employment to them, friends, here all the unemployed people who have strength, they can come here and work hard in one way and do a smart morning from here, friends, the most important thing in this site is here has given the company If you go legal, the first thing is to see the legality of the company before the money, whether the company is legal, it will not be able to become a company tomorrow, whether the companies have got their registration done under the Government of India or not, have kept the money reduced. Before coming, it is necessary to see the legal here. In this PDF file, in the class, India has put its pride here and has put its pred certificate, and here you can see the train number and MSME certificate. Here you can see the company’s fascination; you can see the GST certificate. Further, the company is certified in the WHO G MP certificate, friends have come to the company from more ads that here is this certificate, friends, here friends, the company has almost as much They have taken almost all of them to work in the necessary certificates. The company will like to take forward whatever certificates will be needed, so here you can see that the mission and vision of the company are very much.

It is long; you mean its lifetime. You can also speak now, friends; in this side, we talk about why it is necessary to do Saksham India in Today’s time and what you will get by coming here; all this information has been given in this PDF file, friends, see here friends, your team Performance income which is one lakh 62 thousand, Rs 181 you will get from the company here, level, achievement award income, you will get 97 lakh 30 thousand 800, 60, you will get ten per cent of the direct income in the company, you will get on top of every direct ID here.

Giving you in the form of income, sponsor income, where the company is giving you twenty-five per cent of team performance income, the biggest thing is Janeshwar, so friends, here the company is 13 from level one to 11 level, till today friends, your company must have seen a lot.

Those who do not give more than three levels, but friends, their software here is fully calculated and up to 11 levels, generation income is being generated here and is giving you, further talk, able royal club income which you will get 51 lakh rupees here. And together over here, Pani is giving you royalty, club income one per cent of its turnover, further, here is the lifestyle report, friends, the company which is distributing one per cent of its turnover of every one year to all of you, friends, you will get all these things from A to Z. But you are going to give income here. Once you enter and deactivate your ID, then from that day friends, you start getting income here in a raw working and non-working way, further friends talk here. Please do the company packages in the slide, friends; when you enter any legal company, you have to do some shopping because there is no money circulation here; there is a direct selling company, so you have to buy something.
So you have to do it here, only then will you activate the ID here, then here the company is giving you the primary package which is the number one package, its cost is 12 ₹ 100 and what are you getting in that package here, friends, so this side I will see the details of the products further, here you will find the details of the twelve What is being found in the packet, friends. You look at the chart in front here, and I also tell you, you will find different types of 800 grams of spices here because the anger increases in the morning and afternoon.

And if you enter the kitchen, there is a huge contribution of spices to make delicious dishes there, friends, so after Today all the spices in your kitchen will be from India, then eight hundred grams will give you different types of spices here. There will be 100 grams of turmeric powder, 200 grams of chilli powder, 200 grams of coriander powder will be 100 grams of garam masala, 100 grams of kitchen king meat will be masala, 100 grams of chaat spices will remain, and friends who have used all these spices once, then friends. Again and again, they demand spices, together with the anti-radiation chip the company is providing you here so that your health is fine; as much as the radiation coming out of the mobile and from the tower sleeps, this chip will protect you from them, and the quantity will remain. Here’s another sticking together for you.
The company is giving you N-95 masks here to protect against corona, which is most important in Today’s time, whose quantity will be two months; with you, here, the company is providing you with Panch Tulsi drops, whose quantity will remain.

One which has been used a lot in winter these days, you can keep yourself fit by taking this tea with you at home, these five basils and keep your family fit, you can protect yourself from diseases, then all these products are your friends. The demands are of your choice, and your needs are of your needs; there will be no such thing here, which will be forced on you like you will open your favourite in your house, friends, then the sky will start being used by anyone. Waste of money is not here; even now, it is about the product; you came here, bought the product, and by activating your ID here, you got the goods instead of the price, but friends, you have not come here for empty goods. We also know you have come here to make your dreams come true.
There are money and money comes from working, now friends, here we talk about how you have to work here, yes friends, the company has come in a very modern way, their tremendous system in the stomach, friends everyone’s dreams Ko is here, will come true because here friends, there is no pairing work, there is no work to maintain the leg, because people’s life has left after maintaining the leg for half a day, for many years, this is what they do but friends here But what kind of best software has Porn India brought to you, for which all the people in Today’s time have become crazy because friends, the company has brought a one and two matrix plan here, where two people seem to be under one.

Will go here and how will it be installed, how will the software be installed, you will see here in the next flight, the software that is here automatically places the placement here, automatically sets the ideas here, top to bottom left and right here Manages companies here And whatever the ID does not come, friends. The software gives placement to that ID in whatever space is vacant here so that all the people you have come, friends, according to your time and your turn, are on their level here. If you get completed, then friends here, it becomes blurred from first come, first serve, that the sooner you activate your ID here, the sooner you will start completing the level here because here the software is from top to bottom, left to right. You will work, any id can’t go back and forth here manually, can’t even admit, the software is designed so that everyone can complete his level with love and get his income ahead, friends in this side We will talk about what kind of income the company has brought for you.

Talking about the types of income, friends, here you will get income on both sides of non-working income and working income of your choice.
You get team performance and rewards income. Here and working income and direct income and sponsor income you are getting your working income Friends, if you look here you will get retail income When will you get generation Saksham Royal Club will get Saksham Lifestyle reverse in Ka Saksham royalty club income you will get You will get competent housing club here, friends will get them here, friends, here we talk about the company team for me Singham, then here, first of all talk about non-working income without any work, yes friends you come here your id You have activated and took your goods since then friends you will start getting this amount and without any work here you will get 1 lakh 62 thousand 181 rupees here but you will not get it at once, for this friends here it Levels are given in the structure, you see from one to 11 levels, this level friends will be completed gradually, they will be completed and stay 1 lakh 62 thousand 181 you will get it here, so friends here, how will this company give you non-working income has been and why Giving here, friends, some people come here with dreams and deactivate their IDs, but for some reason they do not work, then they do not get anything in the rest of the company, only the product is available, but friends, education medium once you are here If you come, you will earn money with the order, even if you have not worked with you for some reason , even then you will start from here on 1 lakh 62 thousand 181 head but you will not get this income in a jiffy, it will give you 151 11 Meet the level like you will see here in Snacks last, how will I get it like you came here, activated your ID here and took your product, then your first level is completed here, after that friends second If you have two products below you in level 60, then your income will be 60 in T-11, you will have four products If you go, it will be 30 inches less.

In the sixth level, there will be 32 products, more than 500. There will be less money. In the seventh level, people will have fewer login with 64
There will be 128 products in level 8, so there will be 2688 pack income; such friends, your 5375 pain will be less. There will be income at 12288, then on 1 lakh 39 thousand 469 your In level 11 you will have your income and here in level one to 11 you see here two thousand 472 are from the product here and your income is 1 lakh 62 thousand 151 only you get here without any work on time by formats.
If you cannot work here for some reason, then friends, you are getting all this non-working income through excellent software of the company, which is doing top to bottom left and right automatic work, so that non-working people are also here.

1 lakh 62 thousand 151 Only I am getting a chance to earn, now friends, here only 1 lakh 62 thousand 181 you are not getting the company at home, you are also giving a great coat here, yes friends, there is a great reward income here. Now look at this side; here, as soon as your seventh level is completed, the company will give you a Cardiff-free stay here, friends; first, you have 12 ₹ 100 to get an ID. You got this side which you were earning one lakh 62 thousand 151 on the head through non-working team performance, but friends Here, as the level of your good is completed. The company gives you a gift ID as a reward, from where your income of 600 200 300 500 starts again, and you will meet again on 1 lakh 62113 heads, the eighth level is complete. If so, you will again gift four ideas in the form of a company report; on completion of normal, the company will give you ten ideas and a free-of-cost reward room.

Upon completion of the tenth level, you will get 15 ideas, and on completion of the 11th level, you will get cheese sarees.
The company is giving you more as a reward; here, let’s talk about the total ladies you have free of cost from the company. You are getting 600 here, friends as a reward from the company and every idea. If you give one lakh 62 thousand 151 on your head, then you give this to 600 friends.
97 lakh 30 thousand eight hundred rupees, here you are doing more, friends, by the team’s performance, you will earn 9730926 here, this process will never end, friends, here this income will come to you continuously throughout your life.

Once you have activated your ID here, friends, you must come here for income. As an example, there is a product of MRP of ₹ 2000, friends, so this product friend, you will get here only in DP 12 ₹ 100, then this friend, you can listen to any of your friends in MRP, in the neighbourhood, you want 2,000 of you nineteen hundred Send in Rs.18, send in ₹100, this is your profit in your hand. The company is giving you 40% directly, which means you are directly saving rs.
800 in the product of 2000, now you are 895, it is 795 695, this is where you’re The company is giving you 40% flat in your hand, on top of direct selling, which is very good.
There is a huge income, people can sell this company’s goods in their shops, and at 40 cents, they can arm a very high income from here, even if a team is formed here, the income will come to you, if only you sell the company’s products here.

Even if you do, friends, you can make a huge income from here, and further in retail income here, if you talk about director income, then ten per cent you are getting on top of the direct selling product here. If you put the ID here, you sell the product to him; there is a package of 12 ₹ 100, friends, if you know, then you will get the percentage of rain 120 rupees, all the people you add here, the rain will activate their ID. One hundred twenty rupees will be your direct income in the account; if we talk about sponsor income, friends, here is the sponsor income and even more amazing income, friends and friends; I can say with guarantee that you have never heard of sponsor income till the day.
You must have seen it or never again, friends; in the first war able India, You are getting this excellent income, empty if you deactivate your ID here and further add a person here, friends, then from there they will also get team performance. Still, you will get twenty-five per cent 4545 of their corporation, their team here You are getting by performance, so this is the best software, till today friends, you must have seen that you used to work in your team to generate revenue, only then you used to earn income, but friends, your team is generating income through the best software here.

That Vikram is coming to you, your team is coming, but you are also getting twenty-five per cent of your team. It has been given that if you get 20 people to join here directly, in the first level, 20 people get 60 rupees for the first level of team performance, then 20 people get income on occasion. If you have a level, then friends are twenty-five from 20 people According to the matter , twenty five percent of ₹ 100, you get 300 rupees here, then your team of 20 people will have 53 thousand 778 income according to 2688 rupees in eight level, then you will get twenty five percent 13400 of 53 thousand side 4056 will be reduced then in level 11, when your team of 20 people is taken according to 147778, then the total income is 27 lakh 89 thousand for your team of 20 people, then 80 roy give you 27 lakh 89 thousand three hundred from your team of 20 people Twenty-five percent of eighty is made 6 lakh 97 thousand 345 Yes friends 6 lakh 97 thousand 345 is being made by just stopped team, now source it from here, if this team belongs to your friends, then how much income will be there if there are chances How much will it go, if 500 is done, how much will it become, only the more you put the team in your direct, the bigger your income goes on making it if friends , talk in the mix it is a beautiful income, generation income, yes friends, first Sri Lanka In Friends, by your team by the first level team, all the people who sell the product here If you do, you will get the teaser of the sale on the second level team, whoever sells the product, then on the bed of their cell, you will get ₹ 10 of the cell of the third level team on the puncture of the cell of the fourth level team in five level key shell On the round of sale of the sixth level team on Ka Pyaar Pe , and from level 11 to level 11, whatever product your team takes, you will continue to get ₹ 1 here. Here is another bang for Saksham India’s income, Royal Prabhu; yes, friends, the criteria to enter the Royal Club are small; you have to give a small ten direct sales here, and you will become a part of Saksham Roll Pulao here.
You will be taken care of 51 lakh rupees in the gas report here, friends; this is a golden opportunity to earn 51 lakh rupees, give ten direct joining off and give this ten sex in one day, in two days, give it in a month.

There is no pressure on the way; whenever your condition becomes so tight, you enter the automatic royal club. You will be a tree and her friends; you have to complete 11 levels, and time will be given to you; this is 6 of 11 months from the company’s side. You have to give three cells to complete the first level; then your first level will be completed, after that friends, you have to get three sales done from your three direct years, which is done in sector-11, job team and no cell then nine people You have to get three sales done from the third level. If ten levels are completed, the company will give you ₹ 1000000 here. If you do not complete even ten levels, only no levels are reached. The company will give you ₹ 5 in the form of a rented report if you have friends level No, even seven levels are completed, here we say that you do not have to be disappointed, then you have reached here. All the hard work you have done, the income from this direct sponsor and going is to come; further friends will talk here, be able to sing the club which is coming soon, here you see that it has been given to you in this side.

After some time, you will start getting this housing love income, which is now coming soon, water friends; here you can read the term and conditions; at this moment, pause the video.
I want to tell you that friends here in the company, Delhi Rebellion, are given to you here under the Delhi foot; even Today, you will feel afraid tomorrow, money gets credited to your account, so the company gives you daily so that the motivation remains inside you. Yes, friends, money is the biggest motivation; when you give money to your account every day, then every day, friends, you will have morale, your power to work will increase, so the company never deletes one day in giving money, along with gives your money Whoever made your money, whether it is a short coat, big fat Friends Seconds gets credited in your account. Here, friends, courier service is so fast. The Indian Post Office delivers your courier on top of your given dress and your hairdresser in every corner of India Friends. Best Calculated Software is friends, with which you join and join, then you will not need to do any other company, and you will see the plan apart from others, not only friends, because the income will be so high ahead.

The address is, you can see their address, friends are given here, and contact numbers are also given in the rest of the description, you will get information, friends. It is better than this, legal system, easy system, non-working system and working system, friends, you will get any information from anywhere in the world. If you miss this plan here, you can never earn shares from any angle because it is better than this system I have not seen in my life; it is okay, friends.
I want to stop Today’s explosive information, then allow us to die with some new and fresh information till then, Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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