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Why is the number one youtuber of garena free fire

Due to Free Fire’s success, there is no scarcity of content providers globally. However, just a handful stand out as the most significant ones. Over time these channels have gained a dedicated following and are just gaining larger with each passing day.
Today you will see who is the number one YouTuber of Garena free fire.

This article will analyze in-depth the top five most subscribed Free Fire YouTubers in 2022 and offer a breakdown of monthly earnings, views, subscribers, and rank.

Most subscribed Free Fire YouTubers this year.

1.Total Gaming

The YouTube channel known as Total Gaming needs no introduction when it comes to Free Fire. With over 32 million followers, rated 30th in India and 7th under the “Games” category, it is the biggest YouTube channel devoted to the game.

On average, the channel receives 29,22,17,128 views per month, with 1,00,00,000 new subscribers. Ajay or Ajjubhai is by far one of the greatest earners in Free Fire, generating about $73,100 – $1,000,000 per month. His work generally focuses on gaming highlights along with tips and tactics.

In addition to Gaming, he also runs a Free Fire professional esports roster and is the first Indian gamer to attain the milestone of 25 million subscribers. His face has not yet been exposed, and he has opted to keep his identity a mystery.

2.A_S Gaming

Sahil Rana, better known as A S Gaming, is one of the most popular Free Fire video makers on YouTube. His channel presently has 17 million subscribers and is rated 85th in India and 48th in the “Games” category on YouTube.

Every month, the channel gathers about 17,44,21,000 views, obtaining 9,00,000 members as well. Currently, he is one of the top earners in Free Fire and earns around $43,600 – $697,700 every month. Most of his video output is centered on games, including vlogs with his brothers.

3.Lokesh Gamer

Lokesh Raj, commonly known as Lokesh Gamer, is one of the most prominent Free Fire content developers around the globe. With over 15 million subscribers, he is one of the most famous people within the community. His channel is now placed at 100th for YouTubers in India and 53rd under the “Games” category on the site.

On average, his channel obtains well over 74,551,000 every month while getting 7,00,000 subscribers. According to the statistics, he made between $18,600 – $298,200 every month. His videos mostly center on vlogs, in-game live streams, and creating openings.

4.Gyan Gaming

Sujan Mistri, popularly known as Gyan Gaming, has acquired over 13.2 million followers on YouTube. Since his YouTube account was just hijacked, there are no precise numbers to demonstrate the current average monthly views.

On average, his channel gains 5,00,000 new subscribers per month. He is now rated 121st in India and 73rd in the “Games” category on YouTube. He provides a wealth of stuff such as package openers, satire videos, tips & techniques, and gaming videos as well.

5.Desi Gamers

Amit Sharma, commonly known as Desi Gamers, is one of the most renowned Free Fire Content developers on YouTube. With over 13 million followers on YouTube, he has the 126th position for YouTubers in India and 76th in the “Games” category on YouTube.

His channel obtains 63,071,000 views per month, with over 300,000 new subscribers. Based on statistics obtained, he makes close to $15,800 – $252,300 every month. Desi Gamers is noted for its easy-going style of entertainment that incorporates games, jokes, and in-game challenges.

Note: This article is subjective and entirely represents the writer’s opinion.

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