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Why Kalahari map is removed from ranked matches in garena free fire

Being a lover of Kalhari map, hearing its removal from ranked matches, I wondered Why Kalahari map is removed from ranked matches in garena free fire?

The Kalahari map will be officially deleted from Free Fire’s ranked mode on Oct. 16, according to a notice posted today on Free Fire Brazil’s Instagram page. Garena said the decision was made after a survey was done in-game.

The desert map was initially unveiled in November 2019, being offered for classic matches shortly after. In June 2020, Kalahari was officially added to the ranked mode map list but only lasted two seasons.
Kalahari is a smaller, dynamic map that features more spots for players to fall and struggle for nice treasure. The objective of the new layout was to speed up fighting, having teams run into each other more often.

The distinctive Kalahari map of Free Fire gets deleted from the rated matches. First presented in classic matchups in November 2019, the Kalahari map was completely included in June 2020 to ranked matches with the map commemorate its 1st year since release this 2020. However, as time progressed, the map grew more and more disliked, particularly if constantly picked as a Ranked Game map. As a result to the community’s unfavorable criticism regarding the desert map, beginning Season 18, the map will be removed from ranked matches, leaving only Bermuda it’s soon to be remastered edition, and Purgatory as the last maps to be randomly picked in Ranked.

With the advent of Kalahari, Garena deleted Purgatory because of its similarities to Bermuda—a choice that infuriated many players. After listening to the community’s concerns, however, the business placed Purgatory back on the list and has now removed Kalahari, all based on player input.

Kalahari will still be accessible in Free Fire’s classic mode. But the ranked mode will go back to two maps: Bermuda and Purgatory.

Announcement from the Official Free Fire team

The desert map will most likely return when the community answers whether the map should be readded or not. According to the Official Free Fire Brazil Instagram page, the decision of deleting the map following the results of a recent poll taken:

In english it means,
Recently, we ran a poll inside our lovely Free Fire about your opinion about the Kalahari map, and with that, we determined that beginning on October 16th, Kalahari will be off of the list of maps accessible in Ranked Mode. You will still be able to play on that map in Classic Mode matches.

Not too long ago, Purgatory became deleted and owing to the response of the community, it later returned to both ranked and classic battles. Garena has yet to announce the withdrawal of Kalahari on the other servers through their social networks.

Why was the Kalahari map removed from Ranked matches in Free Fire?

Kalahari nevertheless, is the most tough map out of 3 and detested owing to its limited size, the many, many campers, its steep terrain, and lack of suitable shelter between obstacles. Dying early in ranked matches deducts a lot of points leaving many unhappy for their very hard-earned points being taken away so quickly simply because they received the map picked randomly.

The map also contains the least sites to land, making practically every position inherently perilous. It is recognized for a campers refuge with those diving on its lower grounds the least advantaged.

Lastly, although the map is greatly loathed, there are those expecting the return of the map in Ranked battles. Currently, Garena does not plan to put the map back any time soon with Kalahari being left only completely playable in Classic battles.

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